All possibilities.

The total storage capacity of the Nemijtek branch in Breda and of the other cool and cold stores of the Vriesveem Group in Etten-Leur amounts to 380.000 m³, of which 75% is equipped with storage racks.

Nemijtek Vrieshuizen

  • location: Breda-Noord, ideally situated between the Rotterdam and Antwerp ports; near several highways
  • 16 cold stores, 6 cool stores
  • Total storage capacity at min 20°C: 200.000 m³; approximately 35.000 tonnes
  • all kinds of packaging: boxes, barrels, big bags, paper and plastic bags, ...
  • indoor loading/unloading berths
  • weighbridge 60 tonnes

Of course, Nemijtek has all necessary permits:

  • tracking & tracing according to General Food Law
  • C-certification (customs)
  • K-licence: veterinary acknowledgement for storage and treatments of fresh meat and fish
  • Skal certified